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Draw tickets only £7 per 1000


This is not an all singing, dancing, in your face web page, just something designed to give you all the information you need get personal, individual draw/raffle tickets at a very reasonable price.

Our tickets are designed for you personally and each one is completely different incorporating any pictures or logos you require. We do not use standard samples to choose from.

When you decide to order draw tickets we will ask you to supply us with the information you want on your tickets, this is usually done by email but can be done by telephone or post.

You can then send a logo for your organization and any pictures you would like on your ticket. If you can't think of anything we will find a suitable picture to add to the ticket to make it look presentable.

Over many years we have found the majority of people leave it to us and if you look at our sample pages you will see we have printed many draw tickets, all individually designed. We always give you the opportunity to change anything you may not like.

All tickets are printed in black ink on white 80gsm bond paper, numbered, perforated in two places and made up into books of five.

We usually print our tickets in black ink only which gives the most value for money and asthey are personally designed they sell themselves so there is no need to have expensive colour tickets printed. They can look good with special typefaces and pictures and we have thousands to choose from.

Our price guide as below:

Setting up charge (inclusive of proofs) ............... £15.00

Tickets per 1000 ..................................... £7.00

Full colour tickets available, prices on request

Special Prices on Large Quantities